At Smonte we are in the habit of playing with technology. This is partly a result of our skilled engineers' intrinsic motivation to explore and get expertise in cutting edge technologies and partly because of our working experience with high tech startups which require nothing but the latest and the very best.
Smonte delivers innovative, high quality, reliable and low cost solutions to its global clients. First and foremost, our major strength lies in the areas of large-scale corporate applications, software languages, operating systems and embedded systems, smartphones apps development and mobile VoIP. These expertises are a product of rigorous training and continual investment in learning new technologies.

Second, we combine our strategy, project management, analysis and design skills with inherent South Asian technical prowess and cost advantage.Third, we manage our growth keeping the needs of our current customers in mind. Our business model is based on strong and lasting relationships as opposed to short, one-time transactions.
Lastly, our project management protocols are geared towards delivering robust, high quality client solutions, 24 hour dedicated communication channels and shift-based development teams are just a few examples of how we ensure that our clients benefit from our low development costs and reduce their time-to-market.