[ Apple ]

Smonte has been successfully providing unmatched outsourcing solutions in several mobile enterprise applications and consumer applications for iPhone/iPod and iPad users.

Smonte iPhone team is specialized in providing rich mobile applications using the iPhone SDK. We have expert programmers, who have continuously given successful results in Application Development, iPhone Mobile Application, and iPhone Programming. We have stronghold in making third party iPhone applications.

The iPhone SDK allows full access to the phone, which includes many features. You can opt for hiring an iPhone SDK Programmer or Outsource iPhone SDK Programmer requirements to us.

We possess years of experience in developing mobile applications on different platforms. iPhone provides lower level access to third party applications.

Therefore, it is possible for developers to build vast category of application on iPhone.More ...

[ Andriod ]

Smonte offers Mobile Application development for Android Platform. Our Mobile Application Developers have vast experience in mobile application Development using Java language and Android framework.

We have expertise in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

You can have one of the first third party applications on this new technology devised by either porting an existing application or developing a fresh one from scratch.

The beta version of the Android SDK provides the tools and applications necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Android provides vast area to develop custom apps.More ...

[ Windows ]

Operating system supported by the company Microsoft based on Microsoft Win32 API. Windows mobile can work on some devices including Pocket PC, smartphones, communicators. The current version for Windows phones is somewhat analogical to the desktop Windows versions (functions, lay-out).

In USA Windows Mobile is the third most popular mobile platform for business users. Windows mobile is a reliable mobile operating system created by Microsoft which has all the basic features of the windows application such as, MS office, Outlook Media player etc. The windows mobile 6.5 is the latest and most preferred platform for all smart phone users around the globe offering essential information and various options for customized windows mobile web development. Smonte Technologies has been providing windows mobile application development services for a number of years and having vast experience in the field of mobile application development has helped us in delivering successful mobile applications for our clients.

Smonte's Team has already mastered Windows Phone 7 SDK to provide your Windows based application with regenerated UI and enhanced social networking features. Our Team skillfully utilizes Windows Mobile SDK, .NET and C+ based languages, MS Visual Studio 2008 and develops creative, reliable mobile software, with captivating graphics and user friendly interface. More ...

[ BlackBerry ]

Blackberry has become the most prominent and favorite handheld set for today's business tycoons as it offers efficient business activities on the go like corporate data transfer, text messaging, internet access, organizer features, e-mailing and all other business operations that you need to be in the game even if you are not in your office.

Not only can you have your hands on the above mentioned services but also you with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can monitor order entry, field service, and most importantly ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Smonte is well equipped with the developers who have vast-end knowledge and experience in Blackberry Application Development. We have the developers who have worked on Blackberry software platforms, mainly J2ME and MDS.

Blackberry handhelds are operated on RIM's own version of J2ME that has additional API's. Smonte uses the rich feature J2ME as the functionality to be developed on the application is allowed with that, mostly. Smonte also implies Blackberry MDS Runtime software that requires Blackberry supported software to run. BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) can be used to provide that support. We have expertise in development of applications for all the Blackberry popular handhelds. We provide our assistance in developing Blackberry Storm Applications, Blackberry Bold Applications and Blackberry Curve Applications for the business personnel.More ...

[ Symbian ]

Symbian is ideally suitable for general purposes application development, the platform is strongly supported by the leading mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia, which means for it to remain actual on the market.

Its specifics are memory economy and high programs speed. The main language of applications development is C++. Symbian foundation includes 40 companies: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc. The Symbian Foundation maintains the code for the open source software platform based on Symbian OS and software assets contributed by Nokia, NTT DOCOMO, and Sony Ericsson. Symbian holds more than a 50% market share globally. The development team at Smonte Technologies develop real-time customized Symbian applications to record or play media files (audio and video), including streaming media.

Exciting multimedia applications using Symbian platform are being developed by us. Symbian platform supports the majority of multimedia standards and offers improved sound support. The developers at Smonte Tech are up-to-date with any recent development and they try to imply it so the applications remain updated and with norms.More ...

[ Java ]

This platform mostly supports portable applications. It is successfully used on the most cell phones and portative organizers. According to the information of the company Sun Microsystems, 2004 there were produced 579 million mobile devices supported by Java. It makes the technology java ME to a dominant java technology in the world. Most of the applications based on Java ME are portable to other mobile devices.

Nevertheless, there are some device parameters that you should consider if you want your applications to be porting friendly: the screen resolution, heap size and the maximum application size. Usually the applications that don't exceed 1 MB have a high probability of being compatible with a higher number on mobile phones.

We have diversified experience in Java development providing solutions from Designing, development till the deployment of Applications.More ...

[ WEB 2.0 ]

Smonte provides an all-inclusive suite of Custom Application Development offshore outsourcing services that minimize time to market and help manage resources, cost, and technology risk. While developing custom applications, we at our offshore development center synergize with your team to build a support organization that takes complete or partial development responsibility. In addition, we at our offshore development center help you develop top quality application and develop effective strategies to cope with technology changes during the project development life cycle. Quality preparation and design is the key to productive Custom application development.

Our approach is to provide best of breed solutions that combine wireless servers, middleware, applications, and devices. Over the years, we have undertaken extensive projects, empowering the wireless revolution with innovative solutions aimed at enhancing user experience. Armed with a thorough grounding in mobile community development, we excel in providing secure and scalable communications platform for mobile applications over Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, GSM, 3G, SMS and MMS, greatly increasing the versatility and market reach of your network.More ...

[ Palm ]

Palm OS is a mobile operating system initially developed by Palm, Inc., for personal digital assistants (PDAs) in 1996. Palm OS is designed for ease of use with a touch screen-based graphical user interface.

It is provided with a suite of basic applications for personal information management. We at Smonte have extensive and wide experience in Palm OS development.More ...

[ Smart TV Apps ]

At Smonte we are in habit of playing with technology, Which means we adapt latest tools, technologies very quickly and bring values to our customers daily life.

Smonte has strong grip on Google TV, Sage TV, Java TV, Smart TV apps development and other home entertainment software based products.

TV is not boring Anymore! with gTV Social ... Stay tuned :)

[ Embedded ]

Software development for digital TVs, ThreadX and custom RTOS). Software porting from 8-bit/16-bit controllers. Implementation of digital signal processing algorithms.Middleware and Application Software Development etwork and multimedia applications.

Embedded Web-oriented applications for remote device control and remote object monitoring.

Graphical user interfaces for devices with LCD screens. Windows/Linux-client applications for remote control. More ...