Blackberry has become the most prominent and favorite handheld set for today's business tycoons as it offers efficient business activities on the go like corporate data transfer, text messaging, internet access, organizer features, e-mailing and all other business operations that you need to be in the game even if you are not in your office.

Not only can you have your hands on the above mentioned services but also you with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can monitor order entry, field service, and most importantly ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Smonte is well equipped with the developers who have vast-end knowledge and experience in Blackberry Application Development. We have the developers who have worked on Blackberry software platforms, mainly J2ME and MDS.

Blackberry handhelds are operated on RIM's own version of J2ME that has additional API's. Smonte uses the rich feature J2ME as the functionality to be developed on the application is allowed with that, mostly. Smonte also implies Blackberry MDS Runtime software that requires Blackberry supported software to run. BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) can be used to provide that support. We have expertise in development of applications for all the Blackberry popular handhelds. We provide our assistance in developing Blackberry Storm Applications, Blackberry Bold Applications and Blackberry Curve Applications for the business personnel.


Content Delivery Applications
Field Services Applications
CRM Applications
Time and Expense Applications
Business-to-consumer Applications
Order Entry

Enterprise Resource Planning, Location Based Services, GPS/GIS