About Smonte

Smonte Limited is a leading company in the development and design of Mobile Apps, Embedded software applications and Enterprise Systems. Smonte offers outsourced software to its clients in US, Europe and worldwide. Continues to provide both technologies and recourses at 50% less cost without compromising on Quality, that’s the reason Smonte was chosen by Pfizer, PepsiCo International, Lundbeck Research, Anquet Technology, Neurologix Bioinformatics Research and more …

Business/Engagement Models

We at Smonte clearly understand that

Engagements with Smonte Limited

As a new company we are trying to meet a growing need for the development of information processing and software application development in Pakistan's software market. Smonte Technologies recognizes the fact that businesses have diverse technology needs. One size does not fit all. As a result, Smonte Technologies draws on a suite of products, services and expertise to create tailor-made technology solutions. Smonte Technologies believes that time spent up front getting to know a client's business is time – and money, saved in the long term.

Smonte Technologies leverages offshore cost and scalability advantage to significantly reduce development cost across various mobile Application Developments. We provide; quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing IT services through our offshore facilities in Pakistan. It is remarkable that in an industry noted for rapid and volatile change, Smonte Technologies is trying to remain a stable company, which grows organically over the whole of that time to today's levels.

We are currently providing Smart and Intelligent Systems which includes Smart phones Applications, Digital Mapping Systems, Mobile VoIP Applications and Backends, Mobile Banking, Gaming and other cool things that can add value to your lives. By fully leveraging our core capabilities and providing complete computational scientific solutions through partnering with global experts, Smonte technologies provides a complete value based solution matrix to clients in the academic and commercial scientific world. Smonte is technology agnostic. We will explore the requirements and select the right technology for meeting our client's needs.

You Gain Benefits

Reduced service costs as compared with onsite development companies
Free to negotiate and Provide appropriate skills to meet your requirements
Daily Conference Call with your developers and easy to interact when requires.
Full control over the project run, capability to manage it dynamically


What We Offer

Man-hour efforts estimation with Transparent development workflow & Regular task reporting
Focus on your core business needs and project goals
Flexibility to synchronize working shifts with business hours in your company
Modern communication technologies to regularly keep in touch


Smonte can assist you to setup and plan their Virtual Employment and other services in Pakistan resulting in reduced time and cost. Smonte has experienced Mobile Developers who can work with your company. You can select your team from our fulltime professionals Minimum contract duration is 2 months and minimum team size is 1 professional, we are open for any business endeavor with you.

After all isn't it better to work with a team of enthusiastic all-round programmers with a yen for Mobile/Web/Embedded Development, motivation and most importantly wanting to make their mark on the IT world? We can definitely make a team that will exceed your expectation and we ensure to bring all your ideas into the desired forms.